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Why you shouldn't have that first cup of coffee before breakfast (US$1,000,000)

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These domains worth US$150,000,000 will not be renewed this year by my offshore Jersey launderers due to a dispute.

They represent a standard 15% deposit on a US$1B buy to let property deal, ie 5 or 10 thousand units, if the US$6,000 a year renewal fees can be borrowed secured against 10% of the domains. Warren Buffett bought insurance companies this year. Building my own home into the deal is OK by me. US$6,0000 a year rent for my home to pay for the domains would be the real deal.

[In 2013 the bank said it could not "evidence" the source of funds of the trust when the trust was with them and said "unable to determine" absolutely any possible source of funds after a JFSC investigation. In 2014 the new trustee said the previous trustee had told them the source was a "jointly" owned account of my parents after a Data Protection Commission investigation and closed any communication (similar to the previous written and signed attitude and lie by Ian McLagan of the bank that triggered the JFSC complaint). Another bank linked to the same swindle killed my Dad last year to stop him revealing me as the true source. In the last 2 months this year my flat was emptied of much of its contents in a state endorsed effort to destroy all of the evidence. Barclays account 37338117 was the source of DM 855,000 in Jersey in 1980 from the Rothschild descended 1977 estate. DM 855,000 receipts for 2 German properties were addressed to me and my sister at La Vignette in 1980 for 10 Heinrichstr Herne and 24 Girondellenstr Essen. Via our parents conduit account Account number 37338117 paid for Top Flat 21 Upper Park Road NW3 in 1980 and the trust in 1987. Both my sister and mother will support that fact. La Vignette itself was bought with my funds when I was 15 in 1978 and laundered in 1982 to Kevin Leech for a market rate for the property plus 20 years blackmailed Patent Agency service from my Dad. Now in trust with the RBC being my Dads murderers last year who wanted to suppress the truth. 'Ndrangheta style Calabrian Canadian offshore banking designed to terrify my family into silent compliance. Yes Mr Tractor I am talking to you. I am completely certain that you subcontract all of your laundry to the 'Ndrangheta just like everyone else in organized crime worldwide does. Killing my Dad has only left me, my sister, and my mother to testify. It also paid for 25 Station Road B17 in 1988 and 1991. 25 Station Road in 1996 paid for 2 Victoria Apartments JE2.]

Repeat; They represent a standard 15% deposit on a US$1B buy to let property deal, ie 5 or 10 thousand units, if the US$6,000 a year renewal fees can be borrowed secured against 10% of the domains. Warren Buffett bought insurance companies this year. Building my own home into the deal is OK by me. US$6,0000 a year rent for my home to pay for the domains would be the real deal. All is not lost though. I kept a cool head when it mattered. An angel investor is one idea, and borrowing against my personal pension fund for a few years is another idea. I prefer the angel investor idea though because it brings in a partner in crime. Tractor would do. Plenty of people start businesses off then bring in outsiders. It's an established idea. Maybe a few quick calls to some kind of pension loan expert? Not a hole in the wall though. A huge bank. Rothschilds? Baer? Oppenheim? Oppenheimer? I have got called Moses and Hymie in the last 2 days in the street here so I think I know who to call... This is really the sort of thing a wife or mother usually deals with. Must stay cheerful. Pension laws have changed a lot recently I think. Yes I just checked out the new rules. 25% can be withdrawn as cash meaning 2 years of domain renewals can be paid. There will be no spare 100 anymore but a lot can be achieved in 2 years. No need to cry wolf.

Easy ways out include income support, jersey business venture, jersey business, charities, citizens advice bureau, barclays personal loan, insurance policies claim, covid related maybe, just answer, 1000 in the shelters out of 100,000 already, reversionary property consortium rebate. VCs like 3 Lions or Klarna.

Did they chuck Tommy the Pink Flamingo guitarist out of his tower block for grassing to Social Worker Andrew Holt in the therapy rock n roll group about then?

1 in 5 local kids here are sexually abused the local paper printed yesterday. I was trafficked here aged 15 in the 1970's as an under aged victim of a Rothschild descended inheritance fraud laundry scheme. I never got a tutelle of 7 responsible adults or much of the money nor assets. They changed the law in 2016 when that aspect of my case came to light during litigation. Your money is not safe here if you are young and/or Jewish really.

How do I know so much? It's not all reading and it's not all experience. Check out Blow by Bruce Porter and Full Metal Cardigan by David Emery if you really don't get any of it... The madness level is about right this weekend I think. Don't change it.

The Good Mothers by Alex Perry is another good book. It details all of the activities of the 'Ndrangheta in money laundering around the world in places like here in Offshore Jersey. Now the main men of money laundering for the world it explains how they allow their networks of accountants, lawyers, politicians, and psychiatrists to sub contract their laundry services to all of the many and varied organized crime groups around the world. A genuine advantage to have read if you are considering doing any business anywhere offshore.

A simple way of explaining things is it is all a bit like those people also bought links on Amazon with these offshore launderers. You can mostly predict their behavior and other crimes from the crimes they are doing to me and have done since I was 15 in the 1970s. Part of me will always be a 15 year old sukkah I guess.

I have found the chemicals needed to source to test for heroin and meth and cannabis but there are none listed for lysergic acid yet that I have found.

Enemies in high places is what I have got I think. There used to be a Lieutenant Bailiff and a Governor here it said in the Old Jersey House book and St Helier was spelt St Hélier a long time ago it also said. Worth visiting for 3 days of any world tour I guess. Most of the farmhouses are all of the same basic design too apparently, two big rooms and a hall downstairs and two big rooms and a small room upstairs. Carteret houses.

There are quite a few meth labs in the island actually, all producing gear for the local market and exporting to France. Julie Kay the Marks and Clerk partner might be able to assist with her practice that bought out A Poole & Co my Dad's practice but her nickname for me was "tinker" when we shared several flats. Gypsies and Jews both went to the camps meaning what she says about me must be questioned as she was and so probably still is an intensively intolerant anti Jewish person. Tinkers was slang for Gypsies at one time.

A very, very, very useful 6 figure sidemoney business opportunities link for the whole RBC Jersey CI workforce